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Institutional Asset Management

for the

Qualified Investor



Income Generation

Recurring income sources derived from option and "fixed income" strategies, seeking an immediate return on dollars invested.

Capital Appreciation

Over the life of a market cycle the blend of compounded income, strong and concentrated stock selection and risk aversion present a very attractive total-return. 


Portfolios are defensive in nature. They are constructed on a precise blend of time, strategy and asset diversification to create a portfolio  less correlated to current market condition.


Target Return

Target high single-digit to low-doubt digital return on an annual basis.

Portfolio Execution


  • Generate cash flow the portfolio can reinvest

  • Exposure to desirable companies at significant discounts to current market value

  • Controlled premium and risk profile for each position


  • Highly discriminatory screening process which enables the portfolio  to focus attention on a smaller universe of  investment opportunities

  • Positions can be purchased outright or entered through option strategies


  • Individual bonds, bond funds, closed end funds and BDC's

  • Focus on funds trading at discounts to NAV (Net Asset Value) specifically discounts greater than the fund's historical average

$100,000 minimum investment


Cherry Lane Capital specializes in unique Asset Management strategies. After years of developing, implementing and executing these strategies with notable success at Morgan Stanley, the Portfolio Management team launched an independent firm to build on the successful niche they had developed. 

Our operational structure and firm flexibility allows us to provide accredited investors with the upsides of alternative and differentiated investing without the downsides which include long lockup periods, lack of liquidity and excessive fees. 

For more information or to contact us please provide your information below and one of our Managing Partners will reach out to you directly. 

Office Contact
NY (646) 859-2740

FL (561) 570-2560

Thanks! Message sent.

Actively Managed Portfolios

Proprietary portfolios are actively managed and monitored daily. We leverage internal and external research, technical analysis and market indicators to implement investment strategies.

Separately Managed Accounts

Client accounts are held in custody with a third party Broker-Dealer. Client assets are not commingled

and our interactive platform provides investors with full transparency of positions, trades and daily liquidity.

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